Let us face the truth – online dating platforms are a big thing now. Your friend Kaleb says that it is not for real men – well, he most probably owns a profile on one of the sites. Colleagues claim that it is all scam and real women don’t visit those – stereotypes that should have been already forgotten.

If you consider social media platforms for dating, you would better stop. To be honest, women aren’t very fond of men commenting their pictures with heart-eyed emojis and constantly sending messages. They find it creepy. Women may not look for a relationship at the moment. They can’t understand why men are showing activity on the page originally created for sharing news and photos with friends. That is why the rate of blocks and rejection are pretty high. When you become fond of a woman and she rejects you, and it happens very often, you become quickly demotivated and your self-esteem falls dramatically.

Looking for a life partner shouldn’t be like that. That is why dating sites exist with thousands of visitors daily. The sites that manage to do some real magic are the ones who put together loving hearts around the world. And VictoriaHearts is one of them.

About VictoriaHearts

VictoriaHearts is a dating site which provides services that are quite similar to mail order brides. On the website, you can find ladies mostly from Eastern Europe (such countries as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.). They are well-known for their traditional family values, loyalty, and passion in everything they do. They are family-oriented and are considered to be the perfect wives and mothers, which one can only dream of. VictoriaHearts can make your dream come true!


Sometimes looking for the registration button kills all the joy of visiting the website or using the internet at all. The longest instruction you could possibly think of, hardly understandable services that are provided by the certain website, or simply annoying adds appearing from nowhere – fortunately, VictoriaHearts made a big effort to make you forget about that. Their interface is user-friendly, and all the information you might need can be found within seconds.

Easy to Use

The staff of this dating website has even created a mobile app. It is one of the most convenient things ever and one of the features that we love the most about VictoriaHearts. Let us explain why. Before this big interest in the dating websites had appeared, one had to sit days and nights in front of the computer in order to create and develop a bond with the ladies one liked the most. One could never leave the room because one was afraid of missing a message or a letter from their soulmate. We won’t even talk about trying to open the website on your phone and constantly zooming in, because it was a total disaster. Things have changed. Now you can carry all your chats and video calls in your pocket! The app is client-oriented and easy to use, as well.

If some problem occurred, and you don’t know what to do, the support team will be here for you any time you need them. Whether it is registration-connected, finance or profile problem, you can always contact them via live chat, email or phone call. But honestly, they have such a great section of Frequently Asked Questions and articles made with respect and full understanding of the needs of the customers that you may never need the help of support team. Long story short, everything was done to ease your journey of seeking a soulmate as much as possible.


Creation of profiles is one of the simplest things to do. You just need to give such information as name and email and to set the password. Yay, you are a member now! It was easy, right? However, we strongly recommend you to add some essential details to your profile, for example, photos, age, country of origin, interest, and hobbies, values and views.

It is not only you choosing the life partner, but ladies also do it as well. So they are eager to know you better, and creating a carefully filled out profiles is the first step of yours on the path of acquaintance. Maybe she will find your hobbies interesting and will get super excited to know you. Perhaps you work in similar areas, and sharing an experience can become the ice-breaker. Or maybe you share the same values and views on the specific topic you are both crazy about. Whatever it is that you can reveal the similarities between you and a lady, you would better use it.


It is the part where you tell everything about the bride of your dreams – her hair and eye color, her body type, weight, height, things she is looking for in a relationship, how many children she wants and so on. You don’t need to type every answer you consider the best – just choose the button you need. It is very convenient and will save a lot of time. After the picture of your ideal one was built, you will be given profiles that meet your criteria fully. You can set specific filters or use all of them – in such a way you can widen or narrow your search.

Ladies’ profiles are put together very carefully and they state everything, that you might skip because of the lack of time or because of being a bit lazy(which we can totally understand). So search system will take into account every single criterion you have mentioned and find it in the profile of the lady. Thousands of profiles will be sorted out before you can spell VictoriaHearts.


VictoriaHearts will lead you and your lady through the whole journey beginning with the first “hello” and ending with the first meeting. They will become unnoticed Cupid of yours, and here is how they will help you to build bridges between your heart and the heart of your lady:

  • instant messaging
  • emails
  • video calls
  • sending flowers and real or virtual gifts
  • organizing of real-life meeting(the team of VictoriaHearts will find you the best flight and suitable accommodation so everything you can forget the details and think only about meeting your magnificent lady)

Sometimes the language barrier may cause some misunderstandings, that is why VictoriaHearts has a team of professional and experienced translators. They can assist you in chatting or even in a real-life meeting if you need them.

VictoriaHearts Cost

Every service should be paid especially the one that helps you to improve your love life. We consider it is fair to pay for the great help that VictoriaHearts provides you with.

They have an international currency – credits that can be bought via Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover or Maestro credit, debit, prepaid or gift card. For some countries, PayPal is also available. Credits go in packs:

  • $9.99 for 20 credits
  • $28.99 for 50 credits
  • $64.99 for 125 credits
  • $99.99 for 250 credits
  • $214.99 for 750 credits

That means that you don’t have to buy a monthly subscription. The money you pay depends fully on your activity on the site, and in case you stop using a platform for a while, you can always come back and see your credits untouched.

Is VictoriaHearts scam?

How can you be sure that you spend your money on a real lady? Is the leakage of your personal and financial information possible? team does everything to protect you from scam. And many positive Victoriahearts reviews prove it. The ladies need to prove their identities with their ID. The moderation team of the site carefully checks every piece of information in their profiles. So it is unlikely that you will send emails to a 25-year lady and while video chatting, you will realize that she is actually 45 years old.

However, you are advised to be careful while chatting with unverified members. On the website, you can find some useful tips on how to protect yourself from fraud.

Your financial information is secured with SSL protocol, which is widely used nowadays not only by dating sites but in the significant projects as well.


So there is no need not to trust the site, and you should definitely check it out. We hope that this VictoriaHearts review was helpful, and we are sending you lots of luck on your way to finding your one and only. We are completely sure that VictoriaHearts will assist you with everything else you may need.