Best Black Dating Sites Review

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If you are interested in dating black singles, then this article is a must-have for you as it mentions the names of the best black dating sites that we have picked up for you. It is where you can meet like-minded singles and have all the needed tools for the safe and effective communication with them. Stop wasting your time and let your love story begin on one of those sites.

Match Truly

Match Truly is by far an amazing online dating site in the industry that caters to the wide public and has an extremely impressive number of registered members. While it does not focus on bringing blacks together, it still is a great platform for meeting African American singles, and therefore can be placed among the best dating sites for black men. Being an international online dating service, Match Truly caters to singles from all around the globe, but it specifically has a significant user base on the territory of the United States.

About Match Truly

Match Truly has vast experience by being in the business, which makes it obvious that over the years this site has managed to accumulate a huge amount of accounts of users. One problem associated with an extensive database of singles can lie within the fact that some of them may no longer be active. And it is always a bummer when you come across someone you fancy and you know you could potentially click with, and it turns out they have not logged into the platform in ages, so you have no chance of connecting them.

Fortunately, the team of Match Truly developers have put a lot of thought into their project, and eradicated this problem with the extensive search tool. You can sort your matches in accordance with their last seen online date so that you would first be shown profiles of those who use the site regularly.

Why Match Truly

It is not only for finding those who are still ready to mingle that the search tool can be useful for. In fact, Match Truly is famous for its extremely potent search engine that provides members of the site with a chance to customize their search by stating all the significant details.

Considering the specifics of this article, it is fair to notice that users can apply a nationality and race filter so that they would only be shown black girls if that is what they are interested in! Furthermore, you are also free to mention such details as height, marital status, pet ownership, presence of bad habits, etc. to make sure the people you are shown are exactly like what you would want your ideal partner to be!

Registration on the site is free so you can have a look around and see whether the site meets your expectations, and browse through the catalog of the profiles presented on the platform. However, further communication is credit-based, so you would have to purchase a membership if you want to have the ability to send and receive messages.

Love Swans

Love Swans is similar to the previous site as it is an international online dating platform. However, it still is somewhat different from its competitors in terms of having a couple of interesting unique features to offer to its members.

About Love Swans

Love Swans is listed among black date sites for its extensive dating pool of black singles. Moreover, it can also boast a very varied range of individuals looking for love on the platform.

On Love Swans you will be able to connect not only with young people but also with more mature singles as the main age category of the site is young adults. This goes well with the slogan and the vision of the site stated on its landing page: the platform seeks to accommodate people with a chance to start a deep meaningful relationship. This implies that Love Swans is not suited too well for looking for a hook up as it is beyond the site’s initial aims. Most of the users share the same intentions of finding a life-long partner.

Nevertheless, you can still try your luck by attempting to look for a short fling if that is what you are interested in. Just do not forget to explicitly specify this in your profile information so there would not be any misunderstandings in the future. Chance are, you will find someone suitable for this purpose among the many singles on the site.

Why Love Swans

Indeed, there is a considerable number of members looking for relationships, sometimes so many you can get lost in the vortex of different faces. If you do not want to go through the catalog of the profiles yourself, you can delegate it to the advanced search and match mechanism. These well-designed algorithms are designed to suggest the profiles of people you would be most compatible with. You can customize it by changing your answers in the profile questionnaire, where you can mention that you are interested in matching black people in particular.

Lover Whirl

Lover Whirl is known for being a great black dating service as it is particularly popular in the black community. While being an international site, it focuses mainly on catering to the US public, so you can naturally expect a rather large base of African Americans.

About Lover Whirl

Lover Whirl is an amazing way of meeting likeminded singles as it has all the features needed to make the communication fruitful and diverse. It has all the means one may want to create a strong bond with the person they fancy as Lover Whirl offers its users a wide range of different things starting from simple text messages to establish the initial connection to video and audio chats to further the tie between the potential partners, to even real-life meetings. Yes, you got it right! Lover Whirl offers an option of arranging a real-life meeting for those matches who mutually decide they like each other a lot and would love to take things offline. 

Dating Sites for Black Professionals

For some people it is vital to keep their groups separate, some are interested in the likeminded individuals, and others want to simply find someone on the same level of income. Because in adult life these things often do matter. If you have recognized yourself in one of those statements, the next sites are for you. These platforms are aimed at black professionals and help them connect efficiently.

Black People Meet

As you might have understood from the name of this site, Black People Meet, unlike all the previous sites, is an exclusively black dating site. It is much more niche than the rest of the platforms listed in this review, so if you choose to sign up for this one, you should be pretty positive about your decision and what you are looking for.

However, despite being rather a niche, it still has a lot of monthly traffic. In fact, Black People Meet is the biggest online dating site exclusively for black people in the US. On a monthly basis, it is visited by numerous active users, which supports the fact it is incredibly popular among black singles not only in the US but worldwide.

This means you will definitely not run out of profiles to look at. On the contrary, you might find yourself in a position of being overwhelmed with seeing too many and not knowing who to choose. This is when the advanced search comes in handy as it allows you to filter your matches in accordance with their age, religion, occupation, education, etc.

Elite Singles

The name of Elite Singles speaks for itself! On this platform, you will be able to find black professionals to connect with as it this the best site for the aforementioned purpose. The main feature of Elite Singles is that it is very exclusive and has a strong moderation and selection process that each and every new user of the platform has to go through. It is listed among the best dating sites for black professionals as the user base of black singles is large on the platform, and the features provided by the site allow us to search for them specifically.

Elite Singles receives multiple visits every month, so you can expect the active population of the platform is a plethora. However, the site works in such a way, you would not have to go through all of them. Elite Singles positions itself as a high-end premium class service, so you will be offered matches automatically by the matching mechanism working with a number of algorithms.

At the beginning of your journey, you will be asked to fill out a lengthy questionnaire so that the site could learn more about your personality, create your personality profile and gather an understanding of what kind of person you are in the need of. Unfortunately, Elite Singles does not have an app available to mobile device users. However, it could be for the best as the platform is initially designed to be accessed via personal computer and functions best when accessed so.

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