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The RussianBeautyDate dating site is described as a site where women from Eastern Europe are looking for spouses from other countries. Or western men are looking for ladies from Eastern Europe – depends on who you are, a Western guy, or an Eastern European woman. It is not suitable for women seeking partners from Eastern Europe; usually, if men from Eastern Europe are using dating sites, they use local apps, not international or mail-order bride sites. Let’s see in the review what else you need to know.



  • Lots of functions.
  • Interesting payment method.
  • Profiles of extremely attractive women can be viewed for free.
  • Tons of free options to try before purchasing.
  • Video chat.


  • Only traditional dating (for heterosexuals). at a Glance

  • Best for: guys seeking Russian/Ukrainian women to establish long-term relationships or to get married.
  • The number of members: millions.
  • Recommended age: 18+.
  • Favorite features: video chat, who is online, interests.


What is

Due to this review of RussianBeautyDate, it is a partially international website for establishing serious romantic relationships between men and women. Why partially, because due to reviews of users, it is suitable only for guys from the West seeking Slavic beauties. Even though the website has the word “Russian” in the name, there are Ukrainian women as well. So if you are a guy and you are looking for a loyal, extremely hot, and attractive Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend, then this website is what you need.

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How Does RussianBeautyDate work?

Reviews claim that it is essential, to be honest, while filling in the application. If you don’t tell the full truth about your temperament and personality traits, you will lose the chance to meet the perfect match. Yes, the website is focused on matching people due to info given in the applications.

But you can use other features to meet “the one”. For example, the search and the filters (like interests or age), video chatting, sending ice breaking messages automatically created, etc.


Reviews claim that registration is the easiest thing on the website. It won’t let you log in with your social network profile, but it has only several questions you have to answer. Right after you do so, you will be redirected to the application form, where you should give away some of your personality details and your expectations.


Search & Profile Quality reviews claim that profiles are detailed, and women are extremely beautiful. You can create a detailed profile, too, so women will be more eager to contact you. You also need to add more details about a woman you would love to start dating so the website will connect you with a suitable candidate.

Overall, the reviews claim that the search, especially the advanced ones, is much better than just waiting for matches or for women to start contacting you. The profiles are detailed, and you can easily tell whether this candidate will fit your expectations or not.

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The reviews of real users claim there are several suspicious accounts that look like fake accounts. But this is common for all dating platforms, not just RussianBeautyDate, As people claim in their reviews and feedback, the website is real and legit, and you can always report scammers or trolls if they bother you. Just contact the support, and they will handle it.

Help & Support

If you don’t know how to fix something or you have any questions concerning the work of the website, you can contact the team of RussianBeautyDate. RussianBeautyDate dating site reviews claim the support team is helpful and good at solving issues. If someone is bothering you or you think the user is a scammer, you can even send screenshots proving that, and the member will be permanently blocked.

Prices & Plans

You can either pay less than ten dollars to gain premium privileges, or you can purchase credits whenever you need them. Credits are more or less affordable and can be used to send messages or presents. But you can use only the minimum required thus you might save some money instead of paying for everything.

cover letter

Final Verdict

Overall, the website has mostly positive reviews from real users. This review has shown that the website is reliable and trustworthy, it has convenient payment methods, and it can be used by people willing to get married.

It will be convenient if you are a guy from other countries than located in Eastern Europe. Women from Eastern European countries are often looking for reliable men with serious intentions of living in the West. So for these people, this website will be useful and will aid in achieving the goal.

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How to delete RussianBeautyDate?

The reviews of people who were using RussianBeautyDate claim that no issues occur when it comes to getting rid of the account when it has served its purpose – connect with a like-minded individual. Unlike other sites which, due to some reviews, don’t even allow to delete the account, on RussianBeautyDate, you have to go to settings, click on the delete button, and then insert the password to claim that you are the owner of the account.

Is RussianBeautyDate paid?

Yes, RussianBeautyDate is paid, but due to some reviews, the payment idea of the owners is pretty interesting. First, you can get access to premium features by just paying less than 10 dollars per month. Then you can pay for credits to gain some other privileges. The reviews are mostly good considering payment.

Is RussianBeautyDate safe?

The question “Is legit?” always occurs since RussianBeautyDate is not as famous as other dating apps and websites. But the truth about RussianBeautyDate is that it is protected. It has lots of security features operating for the sake of people’s safety. You can read about all the measures RussianBeautyDate implements by clicking on the link on the homepage of the site.

How to register on RussianBeautyDate?

Unlike all other websites that don’t make a life of users easier, RussianBeautyDate (due to the review) does not allow to enter via a social network account, but the registration takes a minute or two. You don’t have to enter a zip code, your phone number, just basic info that won’t do any harm. Then, after creating the account, you can enter the profile by clicking on the RussianBeautyDate log in page.


Where to find tips on RussianBeautyDate?

RussianBeautyDate reviews claim there are only safety tips on the website. If you are expecting to find a blog with dating tips, relationships, advice, etc., you won’t find them here. But there is a rich in detail safety guide which will keep you safe from different scammers who are common visitors of any dating site or app.

Where to find help on RussianBeautyDate?

You need to scroll down any page of RussianBeautyDate. Reviews of real users claim that there are two options – you can visit the information section where you can read in detail about all features and peculiarities of the site, as well as how to use it. Or the second option, which is used when some issues occur and can’t be solved on their own, you can use the contact button to leave an application. It will be solved by the support team.

What type of site RussianBeautyDate is?

Due to the reviews on RussianBeautyDate left by men, this is a site where you can meet future brides. It is used for serious dating; casual sex encounters are frowned upon. Most men and women are looking for meaningful bonds and romantic relationships.

Do I need to verify my identification on RussianBeautyDate?

No, it is not necessary, but reviews of women claim that they gain matches and messages from men easier when they have this “Validation badge”. But it is only up to the user whether he or she wants to send the scan of the ID.

Is RussianBeautyDate good?

If you are a guy looking for hot women from Ukraine or Russia, or if you are a woman from mentioned countries, then yes, this website will serve the right purpose. But men from Eastern Europe and women from the West won’t benefit from this website even though it is international. Plus, people state in reviews that it is not suitable for singles of non-traditional sexual orientation.

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