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The Flirt dating site was launched in 2009. Since that time, it has a great user base and many loyal members. People who are former users are happy with the service they get from the  Flirt com. This review is based on different reviews. This website, as all of the dating platforms, has a lot of od advantages. But the disadvantages are also available. The main purpose of the is to make people happier in their relationships. The purpose is gained. Connect with the members to find love and empathy.

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Pros And Cons Of Flirt.Com


  • Mobile app available
  • All-time support
  • Both paid and free services are available
  • Easy in use
  • Popular among all over the world


  • No warranty policy
  • No members filters

Flirt.Com At A Glance

  • Best for: People who are looking for reliable service to start short casual relationships
  • Recommended age: 18-68 years old
  • Number of members: does not show such a statistic
  • Favorite features: Searching filters and clear of payment features

What Is Flirt.Com? is not a social network, but even better. It is the ocean of new meetings and discoveries, new people and emotions, happiness, and cheerful days. Some people in the review of Flirt describe it as a new life. The atmosphere in the online dating website is comfortable. Everything is in harmony. There are a lot of online dating websites, but all of them are simpler in comparison to Try to open the new world of your feeling on this online dating platform.

The members are different. Some of them are 20, while others are 55. As a rule, older members are even more needful. New members visit the website every day. So, each day in the is a new chance.

How Does Flirt.Com Work?

To start with, the atmosphere on the website is good, but it is more important to use also reliable services. Some websites can disclose your personal information and payment details, while others will keep it secret. Is good? Yes, in this way, will make you happy also with the services. All of them are advanced and reliable. During all 11 years, the website has been working with the purpose to maintain nice conditions of work. It has not stopped even now when each day, new members join the website. Sometimes people in reviews even joke that does not need advertisement anymore.

Find the website on the Internet and review it. The design is simple, and profiles are different. However, it is impossible to open the account until the registration. The algorithm of work is simple. Open the website, create the account, and enjoy your life in a loving environment. By the way, the searching function is also cool. Read in this review more details.

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The truth about Flirt is the quick registration process. It is not so fast, as easy to complete. First of all, you have to insert your email. Via it, the registration will be confirmed. Also, add the information about your age, location, whom you are looking for, and other obvious facts. In the second step, answer more questions. You may skip it. However, the more information you add, the more people will be attracted to your profile and account. When you have the wrong account or false information about yourself, the website will consider it as the suspicious one. Read the Policy of Use and terms of use. Some people review it in a hurry as they want to create the account quicker. But, the policy of use has all the important information about website usage. Read it to know what you are going to deal with.

Search & Profile Quality

The profiles on the does not have a lot of information. Why? Well, the Flirt dating site reviews show, it is too better to contact with the user of the and ask what you want to know than read all. On the profile, you may find a name, age, location, and several more basic notions. Such a situation does not mean the has low-quality accounts. They have such an idea.

Profile quality includes communicational features. It is possible to send winks and messages of different types. After the registration, you will get the chance to send free messages to five different users. To continue, premium users can see different advanced methods of communication, like voice messages, video calls, and live streams.

Searching activity is simple and fast. There are different ways to review the profiles. You may scroll the list of profiles and choose the best one for you. Also, it is possible to review the searching criteria. Using it, the number of girls you get on the list will be smaller, but they will be as you want. There are searching criteria like age, gender, location, body type, and so on. Searching is absolutely free for you, so use it when you want. Each time the new list of ladies will appear. It sounds nice!

Is Flirt.Com Safe? tries to supply people with reliable services and a safe environment. Firstly, most modern safety measures are there. In addition, you may read in Terms of Usage about the typical policy in a safe environment. The website encourages people to report about the suspicious activity of other members, and each time they see abuse. also has a Safe Mode. It is a system, which allows designating people who may contact you. There are three groups: “Full”, “Basic”, and “Off”. Full allows only verified members to contact you. Basically gives the chance to contact you all members, despite those who are regarded as suspicious. In addition, the system does not have restrictions in contacts.

In reviews, people mention that a lot of them faced at least once with scam or fake users. It is possible to understand, as the number of members is really great.

Help & Support

After the Flirt log in, you will have the chance to get help and support from the customer team. There is a group of professionals who are ready to help you. Customer support is specialized in all types of questions if they are about the technical part of the work of the website. When it goes about the relationships, do not disturb the support team. They will not help you.

There are several ways to connect with them. Use what is comfortable for you. The speed is the same, as it depends on the number of enquires. The support team will never disclose your personal information and identity data. So, keep calm!

Prices & Plans

The prices on the is the average. When the website was launched, it was free. However, when people have started to play tricks and make different fake accounts, the website was forced to start payment policy. As soon as you have created the website, you will get the 3-day free trial. Women can send messages and answer them for free. By the way, men should for those options.


So, is not just about flirting but more deep relationships. When you know what is, you may guess on your own it is worth it. More than several millions of people are happy to be in that environment. Review the online dating platform on your own.

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How Does Flirt Work? works fast and effectively. Al the information about the dating opportunities and services you may read before registration. Create the account, update the profile, and start your searching activity.

How Many Members Does It Have?

Well, it has more than a million users. The website does not reveal the statistic of members, as new of them are on the website every day. So, it is impossible to know for sure how many users are there today.

Is Legit?

The support team tries to make all to get rid of the scam and suspicious activity on the website. First of all, they make the verification of the accounts, created Safe Mode. It is important for each member to realize the importance of safety and review safety tips. Follow them!

How Much Time Do I Need To Find A Partner?

Well, you may need 5 minutes or one day to meet the right person. It all depends on your needs. The searching opportunities are extended and well-reviewed. So, the system makes all good. The rest depends on you.

Can I Delete My Account

It goes without saying that people are free in their desires on the website. You have the right both to create and delete the account on

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