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I have never liked women of my surroundings. They were simply not my type – not smart enough, not caring enough or not beautiful enough. My friends liked to joke about that a lot. They always told me things like that I will stay forever alone or that my pickiness will not give birth to my kids. I started to believe that I could forget about my glass of water when I grow old. Then I have started reading some Russian novels. I have fallen in love with the beautiful souls of Slavic women. Chekhov, Gogol, Lermontov opened up a brand-new world to me. After that, I decided to do some research. That is how I discovered the graceful and tender outer beauty of Slavic women.

My Experience With LoveSwans

At that moment, I knew exactly that there is nothing wrong with me. It is okay not to like women who are around you and are supposed to be taken into account just because you see their face every single day. I understood that my soulmate isn’t around the corner – she may be waiting for me to find her in the other country. And I was lucky enough to be born when technology makes it so much easier to reach her.

At first, I tried to use platforms like Instagram or Facebook to find a wife, but women there weren’t interested in the relationship or could offer only two or three dates. Well, it wasn’t for me. I was looking for a serious relationship. Then I decided to use online dating sites. Some of them were fake, and my money went nowhere, some of them were totally confusing and impossible to work with.

And when I have almost given up, I found LoveSwans, and it became my lifesaver. I read a lot of positive Loveswans reviews, so I decided to give it a try and it turned out perfectly for me. Because of that, I decided to write this review and share my experience with this site to help other men out there to find their life partner.

About LoveSwans

The first thing that we think of putting our info on such sites is that it can be a scam. I had more than enough stories when sites wanted to just drag the money out of me or when the profiles I saw were totally fake. Once I have found out that I was actually talking to a 40-year-old man. Unfortunately, this situation is not very rare among dating sites. Luckily, Love Swans dating site isn’t about that.

They have been providing their service for already five years throughout which they maintained a great reputation and have helped thousands of men to find their perfect match. As it is, I am one of them. I found my Liza there who has made me feel alive again. She, as well as other girls I have talked to, did not try to empty my wallet or purposefully make me stay on the site. It is what made this Love Swans legit site became my number one choice.

Easy to Use

Designers have done their best to make the site as easy to use as possible. They have a mobile version of the site and even an app so that you do not need to be near your laptop 24/ 7 to communicate with the potential wife. If you have some problems with the server or want to get some advice – the support team is always here for you. They have become my greatest help, and I could never be grateful enough for their work.

I want to say the biggest thank you in the world to the translators. When you are dating a Russian girl, the language barrier becomes a big thing. Their translators were always ready to help me to understand women better, and they managed to create an atmosphere of not being there. I mean, I did not feel their interruptions at all, it was like only her and me when it actually was me, her and a big translators team. I liked their professionalism, openness, and politeness. But the thing that has become my favorite feature of the site is their search system. Other dating sites were somewhat confusing to me as I have told you before, but solved the problem perfectly – I did not need any help with understanding the navigation of the site, and it saved me a lot of time.


I have heard people that were constantly complaining about the time-consuming registration. The friend of mine finds that the site asks you too many questions. This complaint sounds absolutely unreasonable and kind of stupid to me. I did not have to waste time and look at thousands of profiles of women who were not interesting at all. I mean, I have my criteria and know exactly what I like or don’t like in woman’s character or appearance.

LoveSwans did a great job of giving me the perfect matches. What surprised me a lot is that even though I gave a very specific description of the desirable wife, I have still got a lot of options and had a significant amount of women to choose from. To all the people who aren’t sure enough what they want the site found the decision as well – you can get back to setting the filters later which was very convenient to the friend I have mentioned before.

LoveSwans Registration

Communication Features

For me, it starts with a great variety of ladies and ends with numerous ways to contact your chosen one. I have written messages, called on the phone and via CamShare, and sent some presents to my dear Liza. I could see her miraculous face, hear her heavenly beautiful voice, and she was so happy and touched when I sent her favorite flowers to her. It was all provided by the site service. When the time came, I was extremely sure, and I could not bear the lack of touch anymore, I decided to visit her. LoveSwans team have helped me even then – they organized me a wonderful trip so that I could finally meet Liza in real life, and it went so smoothly that I did not have to worry about a thing.

Reasonable Prices

It is also a big issue of the dating sites, am I right? Sometimes you can’t figure out what you are paying for and how the payment system works. I must admit it wasn’t an issue for me while using LoveSwans. I understood clearly that the money spent was totally worth it. All the features I have mentioned made the prices reasonable. But for some men, they may seem too high, and I can understand that as well.

The site has a credit system which looks like that:

  • 50 credits – $19.99
  • 125 credits – $44.99
  • 250 credits – $69.99
  • 750 credits – $149.99

At first I used the smallest amount of credits to check the site and to find out if it is real or fake, but when I understood that it is the site I have been looking for, I bought the biggest one, because when you buy more, you pay less which worked totally perfect for me.


It is my top-5 reasons to use LoveSwans, and I have a very special one which overtops the other ones. The reason that makes this site my number one priority is the fact that this was the place where my search for a passionate lover, true friend and caring wife has found its end. I found my peace and my cozy little world by Liza’s side, and now I can forget about the fear of staying alone forever. I don’t need to use dating sites anymore, but I will always remember the saving that this site brought me and I am pretty sure that it can bring one to everyone who needs it.