Online dating has indeed created opportunities for singles who would have otherwise never found a perfect partner.  In the past online dating was considered a mysterious thing and only for the selected few who understood it. But that has changed today, thanks to the plethora of dating sites currently popular. One site that has connected millions of singles to their perfect matches is Mate1 dating site.

About Mate 1

Millions of singles are no longer single because they signed up on It is a site open to all men and women of all orientations, religions, education levels and backgrounds. The site has over 31 million registered users and receives more than 3.8 million visitors monthly. It is one of the most active dating sites in the online dating scene. It is known to be free for women and quite affordable for single straight men.


Signing up on Mate1 is a simple process. All you need to do to get yourself out there is fill out what is referred to as a mini-profile with a few simple questions. You will need to have a headline with a simple and catchy phrase to draw the attention of the potential matches. You will also need to include details such as country, zip code, physical features, religion, occupation, education level, and income status. The best thing is that if you consider all that information to be too much, you always have the option of skipping over these steps and delving deeper. You will need to upload your photo, confirm your address and get ready to have the real fun and meet potential matches.


Mate1 Features

This dating site has various features that make your online dating experience fun. It has an email feature that allows you to say hello to anyone you are interested in. The great thing about Mate1 is that it will also offer you an icebreaker if you don’t know the right words to begin your conversations. The icebreakers are fun, funny and interesting questions that you can always begin your conversations with.

There is also an instant messaging feature, which is also convenient if you wish to communicate with a potential match instead of messaging directly. Chatting is a great way to flirt and know the other person in a casual environment. There is also a nice feature known as the voice recording profile tag. This feature allows you to record a voice tag and add it as part of your profile.  It is a great way to confirm your identity and prove that you are a real person.

Ease to Use

Mate1 has been on the online dating scene from 2004 and since then, its innovative team has strived towards making the layout of this site uncomplicated but fun to use. The quick signup process, the simple layout, the intuitive app, and comfortable features to navigate around make this one of the simplest and easiest online dating sites.  Whether you are tech-savvy or not, you will easily navigate through this site and meet the woman or man of your dreams.

Finding someone is also simple and you will have plenty of places where you can express yourself like, “What I’m looking for,” “Favorite Things,” and “Least Favorite Things.” This makes your whole online dating experience rewarding.

Search and Profile Quality

There is no doubt that this dating site stands out and which is why there is a huge member base and extensive search functionality.  The site is known for its awesome matchmaking tools which enable you to get daily matches. You get the top picks based on the answers you put in your profile questions.  You can like the profiles that attract you and this will send it to the “who you like” section. In this section, you can check out the profiles that you have liked so far and narrow them to the ones who meet the requirements you are looking for.

You can also narrow down your search to singles within your area, according to age range, appearance features like body type, hair color, height, background preferences, religion and so on. It is easy to maneuver on this site and use the tools to make the dating journey exciting. The profiles are also genuine and have detailed information to help you make an informed decision.


Safety/Legal/ Scam

Mate1 offers various safety tips online to help keep all the members safe. It is a site that uses secure servers to ensure the safety of personal information. All data is encrypted, which ensures that no one reads it even when they want to.  It is a great site and very legal with genuine profiles of people looking for a serious relationship. Measures have been taken to ensure that no scam profiles find their way in their site. You can be sure that you will be alright on this site without fear of being scammed.

Prices and Plans

Just like with all decent online dating sites for you to enjoy the best experience on this site, you have to pay some amount. On this site, the premium plans are very affordable.  Mate1 has quite attractive plans. It offers two months free the moment you sign up. There is also a 3-month plan when you sign up, which can help you save a lot of money. Signing up and paying the premium amount results to many additional features. You can show your interest by liking and messaging the people you like and checking out the profiles of potential matches.

Customer Support

The customer support on this site is amazing. There are many answers to any questions that you might have. The response to issues is prompt and problems are handled promptly and satisfactorily.  Members of this site are treated with respect and concerns are addressed until the client is happy.


Pros and Cons


  • Amazing user experience;
  • The good reputation preceded them according to many Mate1 reviews;
  • Free authentication feature involving voice recording.


  • Lacks the more in-depth features similar to its competitors;
  • Only after paying for an account will you have access to messages;
  • Does not specifically cater to the LGBTQ community.


If you are on a quest of love, this is the ideal site to visit.  The experience is enjoyable, making this site a good choice for your online forays of love. The easy to use features,  the lovely design, the great security and the high number of profiles makes this site an amazing site. It is legit all the way and makes online dating the best thing you have ever done online. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a single first date or long-term love, Mate1 has your back all the way.

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